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Working with Buyuk Interiors

Design Questions

How do I know Buyuk Interiors is right for me?
At Buyuk Interiors we have ten years’ experience making clients happy. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to create unique, stylish solutions for comfortable residential living. We approach each new project with a fresh “can do” attitude that permits us to conceive tailored designs for each individual client.

How do we get started?
During our initial consultation we get to know each other: you will see examples of our work and we will answer any questions you may have about how we will create a personal environment for you. We will ask you some basic questions to ascertain your objectives. Lastly, we will cover the basics of scheduling, supervision, and budget to be incorporated in your project plan.

What is the fee schedule for Buyuk Interiors?
Our fee schedule varies from project to project to meet our client’s individual needs. Upon assessing the scope of work to be done we will work with you to determine the best value for your budget.