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From Our Clients

art design“Dear Lisa, you have made us so happy in our condo (my personal dreams have come true!). Your decorating talent and intuition make you a natural. And your warmth and optimism make everything go so smoothly! I can't imagine all the work and detail that you put into your projects! Definitely mind boggling, but you do it all with such grace and skill! I want to be one of the first to wish you happiness and continued success! You deserve the best!”
Private Residence, Boston, MA

“Her professionalism is exemplified in every detail of her business from the proposal stage through the completion of each project. Lisa engaged me to become part of the design adventure by taking the time and interest to collaborate with me on ideas while thoroughly communicating the process and final results. Through Lisa’s resourcefulness and talent my home is and continues to become warm and inviting, the perfect balance for my personality and lifestyle.”
Private Residence, Boston, MA

“Thank you… for your creativity, enthusiasm and ability to make our home away from home a very special place.”
Administrative Staff Devon Nicole House
Children’s Hospital Boston

“Thank you so much for all you have done to assist me in creating a warm & cozy home. I love the way it has all transformed into my personality. The window treatments are the icing on the cake!”
Private Residence, Boston, MA

“This room is restful and lovely, luxurious but home-like. We’ve been so comfortable during our stay here in the Devon Nicole House. This is a warm & inviting place, real comfort in stressful times. The beautiful, practical and comfortable design and decorations compliment the mission of this good place perfectly, … reminding us that Boston is a city with heart and history – not just a hospital corridor to the delightful “8” monogram on our (luxurious!) towels and bedding reminding us we’re not anonymous guests – we belong in Room 8! – to the charming curtains, reminding us that a fresh perspective and fresh air are rejuvenating.”
Inaugural Occupants of Room 8
Devon Nicole House, Children’s Hospital Boston

“Thank you for all you have done for me. You made settling into my apartment easy.”
Private Residence
One Charles Condominiums, Boston, MA

“Lisa does not just decorate rooms; she creates dialogue between the spaces of your home. Through her keen eye she is able to unite disjointed spaces to create universal rooms that are a pleasure to spend time in. ”
Private Residence, Brookline, MA

“Lisa listens to her client's needs and creates solutions. With a perceptive attitude, she acts as sharp project manager to the remodel while being a supportive counselor and cheerleader to you. She has decorated three different homes for me in the past ten years. The first two apartments she designed tailored close to my jet-setting personality when I was a single. Years later, I needed a very different home to accommodate life with a husband and a baby. I love design and art, but I wasn't sure how I could keep my bachelorette style and meet the demands of my new family’s needs. Lisa created solutions to take a vanilla box luxury condo in a new construction high-rise and turn it into a cozy home for us without sacrificing the sophisticated ambience that I craved. Creating style with function and applying passion to residential design is what Lisa is all about. She makes us fall in love with our home.”
Private Residences - New York, NY
Santa Monica & Marina Del Ray, CA